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6 countries where Game of Thrones was shot

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Game of Thrones’ last season is just around the corner. Not only has this series given us hours of entertainment, but it has also given us countless hours of discussions about the destiny of all the characters. Who will have the throne in the end? Who will die in this season?

But also, all the seasons have given us major wanderlust watching amazing constructions and impeccable landscapes. The good news is that most of the places in the series ARE REAL! Yes… and some of them, you can even visit!

Just like in the case of movies shot in India that inspired wanderlust, these places have seen an increment on people wanting to visit the Game of Thrones’ locations. Just remember, be a good person and follow the rules on each place.


THE IRON THRONE IS HERE! Yes, Croatia is the place where the Red Keep is located. Visit the Lovrijenac Castle in Dubrovnik to have a closer look. This city is also very famous for one specific and very popular scene in Game of Thrones: Cersei’s walk of shame. A lot of people gather around to walk across the steps of the Jesuit Staircase and then the streets of Dubrovnik’s Old Town to follow Cersei’s steps.

Game of Thrones locations Dubrovnik
The Old Square of Dubrovnik

And, if that’s not enough, Dubrovnik is also the place where Daenerys goes to find her dragons. The Minčeta Tower was used as the House of the Undying and is also the highest point of Dubrovnik.

For all of those of Arya Stark’s fans, Šibenik is the city you have to visit. You’ll identify it as Braavos, the place where she starts her training -and revenge! The small alleyways and old squares of Šibenik were perfect for those scenes.

Other places you might recognize from Croatia in Game of Thrones are:

  • The Kliss Fortress, where Meereen is located
  • Krka National Park that acts as many landscapes of the West
  • Diocletian’s Palace in Split where the underground passageways in Meereen were filmed
  • Ston, where other parts of King’s Landing are


We’ve already written about how amazing is Spain. Since this country has all kinds of sceneries, it’s the perfect location for Game of Thrones! For starters, Itzurun beach appears several times throughout the season as Dragonstone. During the first episode of season 7, this is where Daenerys touches Westeros for the first time since she was a child. Itzurun beach is also where she encounters Jon Snow for the first time.

Game of Thrones locations Spain
Plaza de España in Sevilla

Another memorable scene happens in Spain, specifically at Sevilla. Remember when the King of the North and the two queens met to negotiate a truce in King’s Landing Dragonpit? Well, this happens at a place called Itálica, in some Roman ruins. The production had to build a platform to preserve the place better. But it was all worth it, the truce was negotiated to battle against the dead.

Other places in Spain where Game of Thrones was filmed:

  • Real Alcázar Palace in Sevilla, you’ll remember it as the Royal Palace of Dorne
  • The Roman Bridge of Córdoba, where the Long Bridge of Volantis is located
  • Plaza de Toros de Osuna, better known in the world of Game of Thrones as Danzak’s Pit
  • Castle of Almodóvar del Río, where Highgarden is

Northern Ireland

Ireland is a perfect place for first time female solo travelers and if they’re Game of Thrones fans, it’ll be a greater adventure!

Game of Thrones locations, Ireland
It has taken years and years for this place to look the way it looks!

Probably the most recognizable place from Game of Thrones you’ll find in Ireland is King’s Road. You might remember this road surrounded by trees that have been included in many episodes of the series. It has become so popular that the government had to ban the use of cars on the road, but you can still visit it by walking. King’s Road is located in Dark Hedges, Ballymoney.

Now, if you identify yourself with the House of Greyjoy then you have to go to Murlough Bay since the Iron Islands are there. And if you always wanted to feel like a Dothraki, then head down to Glens of Antrim, where you’ll see the most beautiful sea of grass ever.

There are some other places in Ireland where Game of Thrones was filmed like:

  • Cushendun Caves and Larrybane Quarry used as the Stormlands
  • Ballintoy Harbor where you can see Lordsport for yourself
  • Mussenden, where the Burning of the Seven happened
  • Tollymore Forest Park, where some of the shots of the Forest in the North take place
  • Castle Ward, where some of the scenes that took place in Winterfell happened


Of course, Iceland is on this list, why wouldn’t it? Apart from being an amazing place to watch Aurora Borealis, Iceland has the perfect locations for a series like Game of Thrones. Almost everything that’s on the north of The Wall or beyond The Wall was shot in Iceland. If you go to places like Lake Myvatn or Vatnajökull you’ll find familiar places. By the way, Vatnajökull, east from Reykjavik, is Europes biggest glacier, so even if you’re not a big Game of Thrones fan, the visit is worth it.

Another famous spot in Iceland because of Game of Thrones is Grjótagjá Cave, a geothermal cave where the water is warm because of volcanic activity. And if you’re asking yourself this question, well, yes… this is Jon and Ygritte’s love nest.

Game of Thrones locations Iceland
Kirkjufell is one of the most photographed spots in Iceland

Now, on a less romantic note, another place you can visit in Iceland that appeared on Game of Thrones is Kirkjufell. It has appeared in many episodes but you’ll probably remember it as the place where Jon Snow and company go into to find the army of the dead.

Other famous places in Iceland where Game of Thrones was shot are:

  • Thingvellir that’s the north of Westeros
  • Dimmuborgir, home of the Wildling Camp


Morocco is way more than Marrakesh and the places where Game of Thrones was shot here are just proof of that. The unique architecture and landscapes of Morocco make it the perfect place for the series.

Game of Thrones locations in Morocco
Ouarzazate in Morocco

An example is Ouarzazate. This city is famous and people even call it the Hollywood of Morocco. Here you can find studios and even a Cinema Museum, it has amazing props and stages! In Game of Thrones, you’ll recognize this place as Pentos, one of the Free Cities of the series. Also, the place where Khal Drogo sees Daenerys for the first time before they marry.

Other places in Morocco that were used in Game of Thrones are:

  • Ait Benhaddou, also used for Pentos but for Yunkai too
  • Essaouira, where Astapor scenes were shot


Maybe you didn’t know Malta is in the Mediterranean, very close to Sicily and to Africa. Such a privileged location would only be perfect for Game of Thrones. Remember the gate of King’s Landing? That’s right there in Malta, specifically in Mdina. This city is one of the best preserved walled cities in Europe.

game of thrones locations in Malta
Mdina, Malta

Some shots of the Red Keep were also made in Malta, in San Anton Palace, and in Fort Ricasoli. Another spot you can find in Malta that was used for Game of Thrones is Fort Manoel. This fort acted as the religious center of King’s Landing: the Great Sept of Baelor. This fort has appeared in several seasons of Game of Thrones.


Are you ready for the new season of Game of Thrones now? We know we are!

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