How does Talk Travel work?

fTalkTravel is a voice chatting mobile application that connects travellers(information seekers) with destination experts(information providers) that can answer their specific questions through instant conversations in their preferred language. All calls are anonymous and TalkTravel does not share any information between the conversing parties.

To use TalkTravel, all you need is the TalkTravel App on your smartphone and a stable internet connection to establish calls and talk.

What happens if my call is not answered?

We fully understand that there might be issues – either due to unavailability of information provider or network/internet connection issues and hence the call may not connect or does not get answered. In such cases, we ask the caller to suggest a time when we could call them. They select a time as per their convenience and we give them a call back to help them with their queries. The ultimate aim of TalkTravel is to help you plan your travel better and communication in any direction is a mere means to achieve it.

Does it cost to use Talk Travel app?

Talk Travel is and will always be a free to download mobile application. The calling facility on the app is also free(for now), but needs a stable internet network – either a wifi or mobile data connection(the charges for which are borne by the user).

Are my calls and conversations recorded?

 Talk Travel does not record any calls and conversations you make.

How can someone talk to me?

TalkTravel has built and in the process of further building and expanding a pool of talented and knowledgeable city experts(information providers) for various destinations in the world. When a traveller(information seeker) uses Talk Travel, their call is placed to one of our experts who then answer all the traveller’s queries.
Information seekers do not get calls to answer questions. They only make calls which are received by our information providers.

Can I talk with a particular information provider again?

No- not as of now. All calls are connected randomly. Our matching algorithm detects profile traits based on personal interests, previous experiences, language and location knowledge to direct calls to the most appropriate person. It is pure luck if you get connected to the same information provider.

Can others see my personal details?

No. No personal details are shared by anybody. All the calls are anonymous and private. We strongly discourage the callers from sharing any personal details with each other.

How can I be an information provider for a destination?

We thank you for your interest. You can fill up this form or write to us at support@talktravelapp.com with details about you and we will take it forward from there.

I have a feedback, suggestion, offer, idea, problem, question etc.

We appreciate your interest. Please write to us at support@talktravelapp.com

How can I help TalkTravel?

Thanks for your help. Appreciated big time. Maybe, you could invite your friends to Talk Travel and share it on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc.
We are reachable on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.