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Our story

We are an international team spread across various parts of the world, united by our common love for travels and exploration. We are engineers, consultants, designers, writers, community builders and much more,  but above all, we are all travellers.

 During our extensive journeys, we have experienced and witnessed the various pains of travel planning. We found it difficult to plan our travels and ended up feeling lost or missed out on authentic local experiences. Other times, we did not know where to find specific information – i.e., when traveling with kids, or for other cases of emergency. Not to mention that the tourist-status put us in a vulnerable position to get cheated on, or ripped off. These are only a few examples of the lot.

After helping many friends and families plan and enjoy their travels, we wondered if we could extend it to others too – to anybody who wants to travel. And so was born the idea of Talk Travel: Talk to Travel better.

We aim to connect travellers with destination experts so that their questions can be answered directly over a one-on-one voice call, in their preferred language. On the Talk Travel app, travellers select the destination for which they want information, as well as the language in which they want to talk; then upon the click of a button, can connect to a knowledgeable expert who can resolve their travel-related queries. Such a process eases and smooths up the planning process immensely. Our travel experts are locals, residents and/or people who know the destinations inside out – all armed with the desire to help others travel better.

We strive to make travel easy for travellers and believe that knowledge sharing via human interaction is the best way to achieve this. This also boosts the local economy and provides income opportunity to the locals in lieu of the information they share which makes your travel more beautiful.

                                      Happy traveling:)
                                   Talk to Travel Better !