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Sometimes you just want to relax after a long day of work. Other times you’re looking to learn something new and be entertained at the same time. And there are moments where you’re looking for some inspiration and something to snap you out of a routine. We already shared with you a list of movies to fall in Paris all over again and movies that inspired wanderlust in India. Now, we’re talking about TV shows!

Get yourself out of the boredom and start planning your next adventure. And if you don’t do that, at least you’ll spend some hours learning something new or even laughing a bit. So here’s a list of the best travel TV shows you can watch!

And also, if you’re wondering why any of Anthony Bourdain’s shows are not on this list it is because they’re already classics, we assume if you’re reading this, you’ve already watched every episode just as we had. And, if you haven’t… what are you waiting for!

That said, here’s the list.

Dark Tourist

There are places around the world that are famous because they’re associated with tragedy or death or weird (for us) traditions. For some tourists, these are places they’ll never visit, but for others, it causes them curiosity. Some people can’t help but be attracted to these morbid places. Dark Tourist is hosted by a New Zealander journalist named David Farrier, that’s equally funny, awkward, and an excellent documentarian. David travels around the world visiting places like Fukushima, making tours with one of Pablo Escobar’s sicarios, and even being part of an exorcism in Mexico. If you’re up for alternative adventures, watch Dark Tourist.


The title already gives you some clues about what this show is about but don’t be deceived. Gaycation is about much more than just LGBTQ-friendly destinations. Ellen Page hosts this show along with her best friend Ian Daniel. Through the show, they visit different destinations like Jamaica, Japan, and Brazil. In these places, they get to meet local people who share their stories and struggles for being part of the LGBTQ community. This show is not only entertaining (and so well executed!), it’s also eye-opening.

Somebody feed Phil

This show is so funny! Phil (or Philip Rosenthal) makes a tour around the world through its food. In the first season, he visits Lisbon, Bangkok, Mexico City, and many other cities where he learns all about the place by eating. What makes this show different from the rest is Phil himself. His funny and endearing personality make him talk to the locals as if they’d known each other for a long time. Just watch the trailer and you’ll want to watch it in no time!

Food, booze and tattoos

The title is pretty straightforward. That’s what the show is about. Food, booze and tattoos follows Brett Rogers on a road trip along South Africa. His irreverent style, combined with the hipster people he meets on the road make this a very interesting show to watch. Brett will walk you through all the coolest places to eat, the most alternative bars (and micro-breweries!), and some edgy tattoo parlors where you’ll want to get tattooed on.

The homecoming (or Where is my friend’s home)

I just can’t get enough of Asian reality shows. They’re like nothing you’ve ever seen. This is a South Korean reality show that follows the cast members of Abnormal Summit (which you should also watch if you have the opportunity) as they travel to other countries to visit each other’s homes. There are very funny moments that are a result of people from different countries traveling together but it’s also a commentary on how can we better understand each other even if we come from different backgrounds. It’s available on Netflix, so you can watch it with subtitles.

Dhani tackles the globe

This show has a really unique approach to traveling. Dhani Jones is an NFL linebacker and he embarks on a trip to find out more about native sports in many destinations. It’s so cool! And what’s better, Dhani gets to try all those sports himself (which makes for funny moments). I just find it so interesting how much you can learn about a place by its games. I had never thought of that before!


Do you have friends that always wanna do crazy stuff when traveling and that you can’t keep up with them? Well, Riku and Tunna are just those friends. They go on a trip around the world just with their backpacks and cameras. Their goal is to experience first-hand some wild customs in the places where they go. The good thing is that even if you’re not that kind of traveler, it will be an entertaining show to watch.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father

This is a show for all those who have traveled with family, especially with a parent. It’s a very unique thing to do to travel with a parent. You have to deal with things you wouldn’t if you were doing it with a significant other or friends. This show captures this odd experience perfectly. Jack Whitehall travels with his father through Southeast Asia where they go to unique events. It’s heartwarming and funny. If you’ve ever traveled with a parent or plan to do so, watch this show.


You know how almost all travel shows just focus on the destinations in itself? Well, this show is more about the journey to get to those destinations. Three friends go on a road trip to places like India and Cambodia and you learn about their thoughts, relationships, and everything in between in the meantime. This show is also about all those random things that happen during travels that get you to unexpected places and experiences.

An idiot abroad

Karl Piklington is all of us. This guy just wants to watch TV and stay at his home. But no. His friends trick him into traveling around the world. In this show created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, you’ll see how Karl visits the Seven Wonders of the world. But also, he has to become one of the locals. This show is a reflection on how we travel and the reasons behind it. It’s witty, entertaining and funny.

Street food around the world

Another one for all those foodies around the world. In this show, you’ll meet Ishai Golan, your host. For all of us that prefer to eat in the streets and try the real local cuisine, this is a must. Ishai will guide you through streets, people, and dishes that you’ll wish you’d be tasting with him. What’s cool about this show is how he truly explores a place to find hidden gems among sketchy streets.

Booze traveler

Another unique approach to traveling: booze! If you’re traveling, chances are you’ll have a drink here and there. Well, this show is all about that. You travel the world through special and magical drinks. But most of all, you’ll learn all about what’s behind those drinks, how are they made and what’s the link between them and the culture of a place.

So what are you binge-watching today?

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