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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid

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Your travel diaries are incomplete without filling them with your taste buds opinions. Traveling to a new country s always an exciting affair and more exciting is getting on to the different cuisines over there. Well, Madrid, Spain is one such destination where you are served with an exquisite range of vegetarian dishes as well.

The discussion hereunder lists down some of the best rated vegetarian dining options in Madrid. Read on and find out what all they are famous for.

1) La Hummuseria

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - La Hummuseria, Madrid
La Hummuseria, Madrid

You’ll find this restaurant at the Calle Hernán Cortés in Madrid. We highly recommend La Hummuseria because of its excellent ambiance factor. The restaurant is famous for its superb hospitality along with its delicious cuisines ruling the taste buds of the locals and the tourists as well. The Pumpkin soup and hummus, in particular, are the most favored dishes over here.

2) Restaurante Yerbabuena

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - Restaurante Yerbabuena, Madrid
Restaurante Yerbabuena, Madrid

One of Central Madrid’s best vegetarian outlets, located at the Calle de Bordadores in Madrid; this place is really a hidden gem. A range of vegetarian dishes including the soya bean burgers, unique salad styles, and well-steamed rice makes it up for a perfect menu here. You will also find a good variety of drinks over here and the prices are quite impressive as well.

3) Vega

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - Vegaviana, Madrid
Vega, Madrid

Now, this vegetarian restaurant is something you are not going to forget about after you dine- in here. Located at Calle de la Luna, 9, in Madrid; it has got a spectacular cozy interior and a great sort of service. Do try cauliflower soup, carrot cake, and mushroom stew at this place and you will surely crave to visit here each time you are in Madrid. The price of the menu is reasonable and the overall quality is indeed a great one.

4) Level Vegie Bistro

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - Level Vegie Bistro, Madrid
Level Vegie Bistro, Madrid

Another highly recommended stopover for the vegetarians, the Level Veggie Bistro restaurant at Av de Menendez Pelayo, 61 in Madrid is worth trying for sure. Fantastic ambiance, some unique veg cuisines in its menu and the chef service are what you are going to admire about after visiting this place. The young coconut drink accompanied by veggie pate with raw onion bread will make your day undoubtedly.

5) Loving Hut

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - Loving Hut, Madrid
Loving Hut, Madrid (Image Credit:

An amazing destination for the veg lovers in Madrid. The Loving Hut is a beautifully crafted restaurant to get the taste of tasty food without burning your pockets. Serving a wide variety of dishes at the Calle de Los Reyes, 11, you will be served with an exquisite choice of starters and platters initially. The best thing you will get here is the dessert like the Zucchini Cake, which is really sumptuous in all means.

6) EI Restaurante Vegetariano

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - El restaurante Vegetariano, Madrid
El restaurante Vegetariano, Madrid

Yet another excellent destination for the foodies in Madrid, Spain, this vegetarian restaurant has got some really tasty dishes making up its menu -the delicious of the rest. The ingredients make the flavor of the food impactful indeed. The hummus is what you must try here along with some outstanding choices of dessert. Moreover, the location of this restaurant is romantic in itself which adds on to the reason to visit here for sure.

7) Vegaviana

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - Vegaviana, Madrid
Vegaviana, Madrid

A choice you will never repent on is visiting the famous Vegaviana restaurant in Calle Pelayo, 35 in Madrid Spain. The hospitality quotient over here is at its best and the food is indeed impeccable. The salad including canned carrot, corn and lasagne together with an excellent variety of pizzas will make your day. Don’t miss the drinks as the list has some great tastes making you crave for more.

8) Sanissimo Malasana

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - Sanissimo Malasana, Madrid
Sanissimo Malasana, Madrid

Located at the Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 28 in Spain; you just can’t resist visiting Sanissimo more than once. And the simple reason for that is the Hipster Burger, a rich chocolate cake and some extraordinary range of wines and juices. The ambiance is great with some soft music in the background and the serving staff is friendly as well. Everything here is just so appealing on the whole.

9) Viva Burger

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid- Viva Burger, Madrid
Viva Burger, Madrid

If you want to treat yourself with the best burgers and beverages ever, Viva Burger is just the right place for you. Located at the Costanilla de San Andres, 16 in Madrid’ this vegetarian restaurant is a popular choice for all the foodies. A tremendous buffet is what you will come across and the veggie burgers are stuffed with some sumptuous fore deals. The patties herein are made from soya beans and nuts and the same is served either with blue cheese or mushrooms.

10) Tiyoweh la Quietud

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - La Quietud Tiyoweh, Madrid
Tiyoweh la Quietud, Madrid

A quiet, authentic and a charming place to dine in with your loved ones; this vegetarian restaurant is located at the Calle de San Pedro, 22 in Madrid, Spain. The reason why this place is called on the best stopovers for the vegetarians in the city is its soup, bread rolls, chickpea and the juices of course. Also, the restaurant is known for offering different varieties of tea as well.

11) Avocado Love

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - Avocado Love, Madrid
Avocado Love, Madrid

A cozy atmosphere and an impressive menu ready to serve you with an awesome taste. Avocado Love at Calle Marques de Sta. in Madrid is a lovely place to cherish. The Pizza and the Cheese Cake are going to make you crave for visiting this place yet again. Along with this, the staff services are at their best. The restaurant also makes special arrangements for marking your special occasions.

12) La Biotika

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - La Biotika, Madrid
La Biotika, Madrid

You need not worry about finding a well equipped vegetarian restaurant when you are in Madrid at La Biotika restaurant in Calle del Amor de Dios. Start it on with a fresh juice that you are going to love for sure and stay down for some nicely flavored veg cuisines. The soybean salad is awesome followed by any main course. The Baked Apple in the desert section will help you leave the place in a good mood altogether.

13) Ecocentro

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid - Ecocentro, Madrid
Ecocentro, Madrid

Located at Calle Esquilache, 2 in Madrid, Ecocentro is a descent stop over to try a good series of vegetarian food. You will be offered with a superb collection of dishes in the buffet which is the specialty over here. The prices are affordable and the quality of the food served matches the quality. Don’t forget to taste the dessert section; nearly all the options are commendable here.

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