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Travel Contests – Jan 2018

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Travel-related enterprises host various travel contests and deals to let the average Joe land a chance to travel for free. (And such ‘enterprises’ indeed, equal a huge blanket term for the countless agencies, not to mention the industry’s sub-categories – accommodation, tech, media and so on.) From 2018 onwards, the Talk Travel App team has decided to publish a roundup of various travel contests, sweepstakes, giveaways and competitions where trips are given as prizes. Talk about shortcuts to saving money while globetrotting. 😉

Travel contests January 2018

Spot loads of glitz all over Doha

Conde Nast Traveler offers a luxurious holiday to Qatar, a unique destination in the gulf. Entry is questionnaire-based, especially on your knowledge of this (photo) particular location. Deadline is 31 Jan. 2018 to enter. The dates when you have to book the prize (holiday to Qatar) are between June and used by Sept. 2018.

Qatar is a country unheard of by most (and probably remembered more often for its Qatar Airways). While we at Talk Travel may not be fans of luxurious travels, Qatar is a prime destination for the luxury-seeking. Our city guide also lends further insight on its capital, Doha’s charms.

Answer (ski-related) questions to go on a two-night ski trip to Colorado. Ski tickets and VIP access to the Freeskier Party are included. US and Canadian citizens aged 21+ are eligible. Deadline 15 Jan. 2018. Think of ski, and you’ll think of Colorado. Think of Colorado, and you think of ski. This is a dream opportunity for avid skiers.

IrishCentral offers a package for a vacation in Ireland. Enter only the simplest of your info before 26 Jan. 2018. The package includes a pair of round-trip flights to Ireland, 4 nights at Dublin’s five-star hotel, VIP tour of a museum, and cooking class for two.

When you choose vacation packages, you run the risk of overdoing comparisons (for decision-making) to the point where the hassle-free factor is nearly invalid. No? Then we’re envious of your speedy ability to weigh and ponder each choice. This Ireland-tour package might be the perfect one, simply because you get all your planned vacations without further ado.

More late-January deadlines…

Coco Bodu Hithi resort & Escapism Magazine jointly offers a seven-night half-board stay in an island villa in the Maldives, where they take care of transport and all major practicalities. Anyone can apply via a single-response submission, until 20 January 2018.

The Guardian Travel – Submit your travel photography within the month of Jan. 2018. Only for UK residents, for a trip to West Greenland (to be made within the year 2018). Check previous years’ rounds of the same readers’ travel photo contest.

Royal Brunei Airlines gives away two London to Dubai-bound round-trip flights: Deadline 31 Jan. 2018. A promo incentive for, so easy entry (simply answer a few questions).

Whether or not you’re the sole planner of your trip, it never hurts to properly inform yourself about each destination you’re headed. For any travel queries that arise, use Talk Travel App’s voice chatting platform to get instant answers and location-specific tips!

Download Talk Travel App on your Android and iPhone: your ultimate travel companion, always knowledgeable and ready to assist.

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