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10 Things Women Need While Travelling

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When it comes to packing to trot the globe, women need a little distinct set of items to assist them in gliding smoothly through their trip. Here’s presenting a special list that will give you an idea of what to pack.

  1. Feminine Hygiene Products
    It is essential to carry products like a razor, hair removal creams, sunscreen etc. with you so that you don’t need to spend extra bucks in a new place when you suddenly need these.A few reliable brands have taken care to roll out readymade care kits.Pee Safea) Peesafe personal hygiene pack for women: A perfect kit that suits almost every possible need of yours to achieve top-notch hygiene. Included will be a pack of intimate wipes, panty liners, toilet seat sanitiser etc.It may come across as a little expensive but the cost matches up to the quality of the product.
    SheNeed Feminine Intimate Care Kit
    b) SheNeed Feminine Intimate Care Kit: Precisely catering to intimate hygiene , this kit ensures that you meet all of your intimate hygiene goals.Upon comparing the aforementioned options, the latter is more affordable and sticks to the point, but , if you can extend your means a little then there isn’t a better brand than Peesafe .
  2. Pepper spray
    A pepper spray is quite important to carry as it can help to ensure your safety and also instill in you a sense of security if you are in a foreign location ,alone.These sprays are not allowed as a part of your cabin luggage but you can carry them with you as part of your check-in luggage during flights.Newish Metal Pepper Spray
    a) Newish Metal Pepper Spray: Compact , fits even in a tiny purse, high power, and rated as the best selling pepper spray on amazon, it stays active until after six months of its date of expiration.b) Knockout Punch Pepper spray: Extremely powerful, comes with a child-safety lock, and a key ring which makes it super easy to carry.Both the options are quite affordable, the attack range offered by Newish Spray is longer than Knockout ,but Knockout is definitely easier to carry and can be concealed easily due to its pink color.

    Toiletries and makeup organizer bag

  3. Toiletries and makeup organiser bag
    Ever felt the need to have elaborate compartments in your makeup kit to make space for categorising your lipsticks, creams, masks etc? A makeup organiser bag is the right pick for optimising space while fitting in all of your makeup essentials.a) Almand Cosmetic Travel Organizer: This bag is of the right fit to carry slender sunscreen bottles as well as stout moisturiser tubs. It has been divided into several compartments of various sizes and is extremely affordable.b) XIZIS multifunctional organiser bag: Rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, loved by the users, this waterproof and durable bag comes divided into multiple layers and has ample space for all your necessary items.

    c) INOVERA Makeup Organizer: This bag is a best seller on Amazon, with the perfect dimensions, is sturdy , and can be cleaned easily with a wet wipe. It has slots for everything and is divided into multiple layers.

    Inovera is certainly the best-suited option because of its authentic ratings and high quality , but it is also a bit pricey. The other options are economical and equally useful if the user is ready to compromise a bit on the quality.

    Water purification bottle

  4. Water Purifying Gadgets
     A portable mini water purifier is one of the most important things to carry, especially when you are exploring new places . Carry it with you anywhere and everywhere and ensure the safety of your gut!       Benefits :

    • What affects us most (in a bad way)  about a new place is the quality of its water, it might be polluted, or maybe it simply doesn’t suit you and heaven forbid that you fall sick just before a project submission is due . Therefore, you need filtered water.
    • These are so affordable that it’s almost impossible to find an expensive version, and they even work on a very basic principle.


    PeeBuddy Female Urination Device

  5. Female Urination Device A Female Urination Device helps you avoid contact with unsanitary toilet seats. Why you should buy it : 
    • It might come across as a funny looking tool and     most women out there might even refuse to use it, but trust us, more often than not you’re gonna come across public toilets that don’t look so inviting. So, it’s a choice between contracting various infections or using a harmless tool that fits right into your purse.
    • They’re basically a use and throw device that you can buy in bulk for a small cost, so there goes your doubt of whether you’ll have to wash and keep it back inside. 

    Points to consider before buying :

    • You may not be able to adjust to it for a very long time, and may end up in an undesirable situation.
    • The ones that you buy might not be the best suited model for you . So size is something you should keep in mind always.

    You can buy these in packs of twenty , forty or even larger, and the price varies accordingly.

  6. Pocket Deodorants
    As the name suggests, these deodorants are portable so they can be used whenever you need them. They can be carried to a trek, a sight-seeing tour or any other full day activity that you have planned.

    MINISO Unisex Body Spray
    a) MINISO Unisex Body Spray: This is an official MINISO product , it gives you long-lasting fragrance and is extremely affordable.b) ENGAGE pocket Deodorant for women: The thing I love most about this product is its rectangular, flat shape, that makes it easy for us to carry it.It comes with a floral fragrance and again, is very affordable.
    Listed above are products that are the most affordable on Amazon. If you know a better brand ,feel free to purchase their deodorant but make it a point to carry one with you.
    boAt Xtend Smartwatch
  7. A watch: No, we’re not talking about the fancy and expensive time-pieces here! We are talking about a simple digital watch here that you can wear almost everyday on your sojourn. A smartwatch is also a very good option when it comes to non-fancy and sturdy watches. Some good options are:a) boAt Xtend Smartwatch: Trendy enough to be liked by everyone, and affordable enough that even a college student can buy it, this smartwatch comes with Alexa Built-in, an HD screen with a stress , heart and SpO2 monitor and many other amazing features.

    b) NOISE unisex smartwatch: Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smart Watch comes with a 1.55″ HD Display, 10 Day Battery, Heart Rate, Spo2, Sleep & Stress Monitor and is very affordable.

    A smartwatch is always a better option for rugged outings because of the several functions it serves but carrying any rough-n-tough watch that you own , will serve the purpose.
  8. Period Products

    a) Whisper night pads: Most of us, traditionally, are most acquainted with pads as our primary period help. Well ,here is a whole winged package from the best brand in business.Tampons
    b) Tampons:Whether you use pads, tampons or menstrual cups while on your periods is completely your choice. Here are some good quality tampons that’ll help you, priced very economically.Menstrual Cup
    c) Menstrual Cup: Making yourself adapt to a menstrual cup might be a difficult thing to do, but once you’re comfortable with it , there’s just no going back! They are environment friendly and can last for ten years, making your period care extremely economical. Sirona is one such brand that brings you a very reliable range of menstrual cups’ sizes at a very justifiable price.Luggage Locks
  9. Luggage Lock
    About a month ago, aimlessly scrolling through my Youtube  feed , I came across a video that claimed to be teaching how to open the in-built lock provided in trolley bags. After some time I realised that it worked , making those locks extremely useless. Therefore, here are some external, sturdy locks that’ll be a little more difficult for the thieves to open, priced very attractively.
    Uniline iAlert 3-in-1 Personal Alarm
  10. Security Alarm Keychain
    These are small alarms that can attach to a keyring , which in turn may be attached to your bag or a sipper bottle . They come with a panic button that is to be pressed when you feel  threatened by somebody. It produces a loud, constant sound and lets people know that you need help.a)Uniline iAlert 3-in-1 Personal Alarm:It is rechargeable and comes with three safety modes, namely, flashlight, siren and flash modes . The charging cable will be provided along with it . It produces a loud, constant sound of 130 dB and is extremely easy to use.

    b) Heal Lily Personal Alarm: Again in the form of a keychain, this alarm comes in a sweet pink colour, inconspicuous to others.It is also waterproof and quite small in size , so it can’t be spotted easily.
    Being a woman, it is very important to ensure your safety, especially if you’re in an unknown region. We recommend that you dig up the women’s helpline numbers of the state or country you’re visiting so that you’re well-armed in terms of security.

Hope these suggestions help it easy for you to travel.
If you have nay suggestions for us, please let know in the comments.

Bon voyage !!

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