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The best travel hacks for newbies

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Going through Reddit we found an amazing thread on Travel Hacks. A travel hack is finding a clever solution to a problem. We started reading and couldn’t stop: there were so many good recommendations! So instead of making you read more than a thousand comments, we made a compilation of the best traveling hacks for newbies. Check them out and start planning your next trip!

1. Always check your documents are in order! The basic of travel hacks and tips!
Always be sure your documents are in orden before traveling
Reply by gotthelowdown
2. Hopefully, you won’t lose your luggage but if you do…
3. We would recommend to never use flip flops, really
How to pack light when traveling
Reply by csubi
4. Don’t ever exchange money when in airports
5. Tours may be “touristy” but they’re a great way to really know a city
6. Plastic bags are super useful!
Always bring plastic bags when traveling, they're super useful
Reply by johngreenink
7. Feel fresh when traveling. Great hack for international flights!
8. Don’t punish people with your bad breath
9. Be aware of what you eat and drink
Be aware of what you eat and drink when traveling
Reply by as-well
10. We also know about a great app that can help you with this
11. If we had a penny for every time we experienced this we wouldn’t be rich but at least we could buy a beer
Always bring a pen when traveling
Reply by olliepots
12. SIM cards can be cheap and having Internet can save your life
Buy an unlocked smartphone and use it while traveling
Reply by theitgrunt
13. We also wrote about this here
Always private browse for flights
Reply by Newhomeworld
14. Just be sure to check if any of the places you’re going doesn’t ask you to have a return ticket
Don't book all the flights, maybe you'd want to stay longer in a place
Full reply here
15. Simple and true, this is one of the best travel hacks for backpackers
Carry half the stuff and dobule the money when traveling
Reply by angryatman

Here you can also find some great packing hacks for your trip:

16. Don’t be that person that everyone hates in the line
Put everything in a jacket before the security check
Reply by porkpie1
17. But also don’t miss the important spots!
Experience the local culture when traveling
Reply by ptown40
18. We didn’t know of this…
Put some almond oil in your nostrils when flying
Reply by sjvmi87
19. Even for the fashionable people out there, this is a great idea and it one of the best travel packing hacks
Pack clothes that go together
Reply by tfdoido
20. Oh! Take precautions:
Wash your hands before security check
Reply by FreeOJ32
21. There’s always someone that makes this mistake, don’t be that person
Always check your name matches on all your documents
Reply by Mrg06
22. Yep, ask the locals
Ask locals for the places they visit to eat or have a drink
Reply by mfigroid
23. Learning languages can also be fun
Always learn useful phrases in the language of the place you're visiting
Reply by CypressBreeze
24. Walk a bit and you’ll find treasures
Avoid touristy places for eating in a new city
Reply by chalk_passion
25. Great idea if you’re planning to buy things during your trip
26. Another perk of packing lightly


So what do you think? Travel hacking can sure be fun! Do you have any other travel tips you’d give us? Leave them in the comments!

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