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20 best lessons we’ve learned from traveling

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Traveling is something that changes you. It doesn’t matter where you go, for how long or with whom, it will happen! We made a compilation of the best traveling lessons we’ve learned so far. The best part: these lessons will stay with you the rest of your life! 

  1. You learn that we’re not that different.
People are the same everywhere in the world
From RokPhish
2. You’ll appreciate the things you already have.
Traveling lessons we've learned so far
From brurm
3. Nothing like sleeping in your bed again!
Traveling lessons we've learned so far
From squink1
4. You don’t have to see everything, just what you want to see.
Don't rush when traveling
From Apalvaldr
5. How to avoid jet lag
How to avoid jet lag
From Colorancher
6. Trust us, you won’t regret going to the bathroom.
Always use the restroom before traveling
From takeandbake
7. Pay attention and stick to it!
Stick with gut instinct when traveling
From Vibrant Goo
8. Better safe than sorry, right?
Always bring anti-diarrheal medications when traveling
From 704t
9. You’ll enjoy it, even more, this way…
Always keep an open mind when traveling
From meet-mainmontauk
10. Have a positive attitude towards unplanned things
Be flexible while traveling
From sparrow5
11. Don’t learn this the hard way.
Don't travel with anything you wouldn't want to lose
From BeefPieSoup
12. This is what trips were made for.
Try new things while traveling
From timethrow95
13. Always use public transportation when you can!
Do as the locals when traveling!
From Throwayace7894
14. Menu roulette, anyone?
Use the menu roulette to choose what to eat
From IBVn and Kruzada
15. Wise lesson. Don’t forget you can always travel solo.
Travel solo to have more local experiences
Travel solo to have more local experiences
16. Randomness can bring joy!
Embrace the random when traveling
From GuiltyBestFriend
17. Tough one…
Finding yourself while traveling
From Frank_Vanderbilt
18. Feel free!
Don't be afraid to be alone while traveling
From thereefa
19. Positive attitude: always.
A trip is as good as your attitude
From kdeweb24
20. Things will always work out so don’t worry that much.
Things always work out when traveling
From the_troublemind


So what are the traveling lessons you’ve learned so far? Share them with us in the comment section!

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